NETPAK has adopted sustainability as a principle for its every activity in order to handover a livable world for future generations. Providing hygiene and cosmetic products to many regions of the world, our company has an institutional sustainability management that is aware of its economic, social and environmental responsibilities for its internal and external stakeholders.

Being aware that the future is built from the present, and adopting the principle of “THE FUTURE IS IN TODAY” our company aims to;

  • Evaluate environmental, social and economic risks, eliminate the negative effects of such risk as much as possible by analyzing them,
  • Create, implement and continuously improve management systems that will serve sustainable development by doing business ethically, fairly, transparently and in accordance with the law,
  • Provide maximum support for the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations Development Program.

Our Institutional Sustainability Policy covers the following principles;

In the environmental dimension,

  • Creating products from materials that are as recyclable as possible from the design stage,
  • Preferring systems and methods that will ensure the effective use of all resources, especially energy and water, in order to maintain ecological balance,
  • Carrying out activities within the scope of business development by prioritizing environmentally friendly materials and processes,
  • Generating waste at a minimum rate by eliminating waste, and incorporating the produced wastes into the recycling process,
  • Proper disposal of all kinds of waste that cannot be recycled within the organization,

In the social dimension,

  • Offering our employees, who are our primary stakeholders, a decent, fair, peaceful working environment and equal opportunities,
  • Encouraging our employees to participate actively, supporting their professional development and providing an open communication environment,
  • Raising the awareness of our employees about sustainability,
  • Conducting all kinds of activities and relationships within the framework of ethical values,
  • Working with zero accident target on occupational health and safety,
  • Ensuring equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their language, race, skin color, gender, political opinion, faith, religion, sect, age, physical disability and similar characteristics,
  • Never employing child labor within our organization,
  • Fighting against all kinds of bribery, corruption and unethical orientations regardless of the purpose,

In the economical dimension,

  • Carrying out all our activities within the framework of laws and regulations,
  • Contributing to the efficiency and profitability of the company by adopting the principles of sustainability and lean production,
  • Developing suppliers for sustainability practices and cooperating with suppliers who are sensitive to sustainability,
  • Sustainably improving all processes by effectively managing all risks,
  • Conducting production activities by adopting a responsible approach to people and the environment in a framework that will also support financial goals,
  • Ensuring continuity in customer satisfaction,
  • Taking measures to protect personal data and customer privacy.