Biological Deodorizer Odor Cleaner

  • It has been produced as a bacteria/enzyme complex obtained upon being insulated from nature as a result of advanced R&D operations. It removes the accumulation causing the malodor and clogging and eliminates the malodor source by performing high organic removal at low oxygen thanks to its bacterial content.
  • Its concentrated formula, dense surface-active agents, and enzymes and millions of bacteria it contains eliminate malodors at their sources. Furthermore, it does not contain any toxic substances and it is biodegradable.
  • The bacteria it contains have been selected among the ones with the highest organic-removing features from nature and produced without being genetically modified in the laboratory environment.
  • Genetic and toxicological tests have proved that its bacterial content is not harmful to the environment, humans, and animals. The bacteria are able to adapt in order to produce various enzymes with organic-removing features even under the hardest conditions.
  • These adaptability skills provide them with a level of efficiency that no chemical agent can reach. The bacteria in the product prevent different types of malodor-creating bacteria from growing where it is applied as well as preventing clogging and accumulations by continuous grease removal in your pipeline and enabling a continuous flow.

Volume: 1000 ML