Vision & Mission

At Carpex, we aspire to be a global leader across the hygiene, paper products, fragrance, and related sectors, characterized by our robust corporate structure, highly skilled workforce, and substantial brand value. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability drives us to seamlessly integrate technology and unique designs into our products, ensuring they can adapt to any environment while maintaining exceptional quality.

We envision a future where Carpex stands as a symbol of innovation and sustainability, setting industry standards for product excellence. Our dedication to crafting products that harmonize with both nature and modern living will continue to guide us on our journey towards a more sustainable and promising future.


Honesty: We prioritize honesty in all interactions, fostering trust with both our employees and business partners.Our unwavering commitment to integrity ensures transparency, even when it challenges our interests.

Accuracy: We adhere to a path of accuracy and truthfulness, regardless of personal gain, to maintain our commitment to fairness.Staying resolute on the right course, even when it contradicts our interests, is fundamental to our principles.

Passion: We infuse passion into every task, ensuring our work is always driven by the excitement of our first day.Our enduring enthusiasm fuels our commitment to excellence in all that we do.

Productivity: We maximize resource efficiency, avoiding waste through diligent utilization of all available assets.Our dedication to effective resource management underpins our commitment to minimizing wasteful practices.

Respect for People and Nature: We hold respect for individuals as a cornerstone of effective communication, fostering positive relationships.

In addition, we view nature as a sacred trust, to be preserved and passed on to future generations.

Customer and Solution Oriented: In every aspect, from production to sales and after-sales service, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our ultimate aim is to contribute to solutions, ensuring we are always part of the answer, never the problem.